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Sur ce blog, vous trouverez mes articles ou conférences concernant des sujets que j'ai abordés depuis 2003 : les banlieues, la violence, la politique, la jeunesse, l'anthropologie, l'Inde, soit en Français, soit en Anglais. Et quelques séries de graphes captés sur mon tel dans plusieurs villes du monde.

Fear of tigers

Annu Jalais's last lecture in EHESS, Paris, on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, was focused on fear. The fear she mentions shouldn't be confused with anxiety, awe or fright. According to Annu's witnesses of the Sundarban social life, fear often turns the person who faced it into being seriously ill. Fear is even a feeling one can die of. At the least, when a human meets with the tiger, out of fear, s/he becomes another. Thus, villagers in the Sundarban where Annu conducted her long and deep observation*, don't turn their fear into anger. Not only do they accept the tiger but some of them look for its defiant company: the opportunity of a real encounter. All men or women venturing within the forbi

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