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Sur ce blog, vous trouverez mes articles ou conférences concernant des sujets que j'ai abordés depuis 2003 : les banlieues, la violence, la politique, la jeunesse, l'anthropologie, l'Inde, soit en Français, soit en Anglais. Et quelques séries de graphes captés sur mon tel dans plusieurs villes du monde.

Diversity, respect and a Cup

The French society has been diffident and pessimistic for a long time. The burst of happiness following the victory of the French football team over the very talented and daring Croatian one is thus most welcome by all. Last night was one of pride and joy for everyone, young and old, women and men, belonging to all social upbringings. All over the country, like in other countries on similar occasions, people have been celebrating in the streets and cafés a long awaited and obviously deserved success. It was a night long euphoria. On the Champs Elysées as well as in the remotest village of France, tears of joy were running and people hugged one another as if a war against misfortune had just

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