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Sur ce blog, vous trouverez mes articles ou conférences concernant des sujets que j'ai abordés depuis 2003 : les banlieues, la violence, la politique, la jeunesse, l'anthropologie, l'Inde, soit en Français, soit en Anglais. Et quelques séries de graphes captés sur mon tel dans plusieurs villes du monde.

The true moral shamble and a crack of hope

In England first with the Brexit, then in the US when Trump was elected, also in India, in France now and elsewhere soon most citizens don't recognize in the words and behaviour of the people in charge of the common good they are supposed to serve, the values, the enthusiasm, the creed or the sense of responsibility they used to respect in other times. A sense of disenchantment floats adrift in the political skies. No one among the potent presidents or kings of sorts dares using the magnificent metaphors of courage, reliability, pride and integrity that were the usual vocabulary of politicians in the historical text books or in the myths that we loved. Instead they argue GDP growth, debt, ba

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