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Sur ce blog, vous trouverez mes articles ou conférences concernant des sujets que j'ai abordés depuis 2003 : les banlieues, la violence, la politique, la jeunesse, l'anthropologie, l'Inde, soit en Français, soit en Anglais. Et quelques séries de graphes captés sur mon tel dans plusieurs villes du monde.

Assimilation or/and exclusion of the migrant populations

Being located on at the very western edge of the Eurasian continent and completely open on its eastern side, France as we know it today has for centuries, and probably for millenia, absorbed a flux of immigrants. Following the setting sun and maybe looking for better pastures or richer crops, peoples have flocked from far away to this kind of swallow-hole that is now called France. The basic frame of the question raised by the migration fact is a permanently mingling population. Unlike Spain, England, Germany or Russia, France cannot claim a stable relationship between its territory and its population. Reading Braudel confirms the idea that, at least for the past two millenia, successive lay

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