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Sur ce blog, vous trouverez mes articles ou conférences concernant des sujets que j'ai abordés depuis 2003 : les banlieues, la violence, la politique, la jeunesse, l'anthropologie, l'Inde, soit en Français, soit en Anglais. Et quelques séries de graphes captés sur mon tel dans plusieurs villes du monde.

The riots of November 2005 in France

The mythology of political violence in France Strange as it looks, the 2005 riots in the lower class neibourhoods of France fit perfectly in the political and historical mythology of the country. There is no reason to be surprised ; and many reasons to expect other bursts of street violence the consequences of which one cannot predict. This mythology explains a French political tradition which is far from obeying the official rules drawn by the discourses and the analyses about democracy. The academic tradition wants France to be a parliamentary democracy with a light presidential flavour. It is in a way, but let me take an opposite point of view and claim that French democracy is also the s

Violence, delinquincy and infrigment in the French lower class suburbs

« Si la punition n’est pas aussi un droit et un honneur accordé au transgresseur, je ne veux pas de votre punition. » Friedrich Nietzsche, Ainsi parlait Zarthoustra Social unrest and juvenile delinquency are probably closer to each other than we would like; and they might also be a necessary feature of any society accepting adaptation and transformation. Although democracy (as a general principle inducing the collective power of the people) is probably the best way humans found up to now to adjust their organisation to the surrounding conditions, it is unlikely that law and rule can be changed without the help of those who are bolder, more imaginative and have, because of their young age, le

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